Animals are my passion.  I feel extremely blessed to be able to use this gift to help not only animals, but the people who love them.  I rescued my first dog over 25 years ago.  I was young and not knowing any better bought a dog from a backyard breeder. He was very sick and ended up dying a few weeks and several hundred dollars later.  This experience was a hard lesson learned, but the beginning of a desire to end the suffering of animals.  I became the person who always stopped to help a stray.  Luckily, I fell in love with and married someone who will tolerate this addiction.  At one time we had a full house with 10 rescue dogs living with us. It was at this point that we jointly decided to take the plunge and become an official nonprofit.  This decision has come with a lot of hard work, long hours and sacrifices.  But the rewards greatly outnumber the price that we have had to pay.  We wouldn't have it any other way!  I could have never imagined the impact we have had on so many people.

Stories like:

  • The soldier deployed for a year who was faced with the heartwrenching decision of what to do with her pets while she was away.  They are here with us until she returns.  We send pictures to her in Afghanistan as often as we can.

  • The family whose house burnt down and now was worried about what to do with their pet while they rebuilt their life.  "Sushi" stayed with us for almost a year and now is happily reunited with them!

  • Tigger, Lady, Ms. Beasley, Mr. Beasley, Myrtle, Holly, Zoey, Herbie, Phillippe...All seniors who were loved for many years.  When their elderly owners died or became too ill to care for them, these poor babies became orphans. They lived with us until they were adopted or were lovingly put down as their quality of life declined.

  • Numerous families who needed financial assistance of food,spay/neuter or medical help.

  • The joy of finding the "perfect" pet for someone who is lonely and just wants someone to love!

All of these and so many more stories are what keeps us going.  We will continue to do as much as we can to reach the ultimate goal of a world with ALL pets in loving homes!!

~ Dara Lamberson